Remove the tree stump by rotting

Remove the tree stump by rotting

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A tree stump in the garden is often annoying and has to go. The most environmentally friendly is rotting, which you can speed up with little tricks.

Every now and then a tree has to leave the garden. Sawing off is usually the lesser evil, but how do you deal with the remaining stump? If you get heavy guns to pull the stump out of the ground, it can put a strain on your wallet. In addition, this action often cannot be carried out due to space constraints.

Many garden owners use the stump for decoration and arrange flower boxes or plant the stump. But if you want to get rid of the stump permanently, you can do it in a very natural way, namely by rotting. To make this procedure a little faster, we recommend 3 tips below.

Tip 1

To further drive natural rotting, cut a cross pattern into the stump. The best way to do this is with a chainsaw. This creates many small squares on the top of the stump, which are reminiscent of a chess board.

Tip 2

The second way to rot the stump is to drill holes in the stump with a large wood drill. Then fill the grooves and holes with some compost that is already half rotted.

Tip 3

You can also add additional compost accelerator or mix it with organic fertilizer. The still fresh wood is quickly decomposed by the bacteria and fungi. It is better to avoid root ex as a decomposition poison. With flat rooters, it is of course not a big problem to simply dig out the stump.