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Saving electricity in the garden - 10 tips for reducing energy costs

Saving electricity in the garden - 10 tips for reducing energy costs

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In the summer months we spend most of our time in our garden. Of course, this also has an impact on electricity costs. Here are 10 tips on how you can easily save electricity in the garden.

Replace the electronic devices with manual labor

Electricity prices are rising so that you have to really think about which devices to turn on or best to leave out to save a bit of money.

With these twelve tips, you can quickly get a grip on household energy costs for washing machines, dishwashers, etc. But what does it look like in the garden?

Here is an electric lawnmower, because a hedge trimmer and with the garden lighting also feel-good accents are to be set - not so easy because reducing energy costs.

10 tips to save electricity in the garden

It's hard to believe, but there are some situations in a garden where you can save a lot of money. Of course you can not do without all equipment and extras, but when used correctly, they protect your wallet in the long run.

Note: The profit is in purchasing, is an old merchant rule. So if you want to cut costs by saving electricity, you should above all cut your electricity price. The easiest way to do this is through comparison portals such as

Choose garden lighting correctly

If darkness sets in late in the summer, paths, stairs and dark corners must be illuminated so that no accidents occur. Although it is bright for longer in summer, lighting can also cost a lot of money.

Tip 1: Use energy-saving lamps
Use energy-saving lamps. These are a bit more expensive to buy, but they have a longer lifespan and they are not power guzzlers. If dark corners or paths are to be illuminated, it is also advisable to attach a motion detector. Then the lamp only comes on when it is really needed.

Tip 2: Set up solar lamps
Solar lamps are particularly recommended to illuminate paths or stairs. You don't have glaring light with solar lamps, but the light source is always enough to show you the right way. Solar lamps charge themselves through the sun and daylight throughout the day and in the evening as soon as it gets dark, they emit their light. In addition to the lighting, solar lamps are of course also a beautiful eye-catcher in a garden.

Tip 3: place candles
Candles not only stand for romance and cosiness, but also provide atmospheric light in the evenings. Of course, candles are also not so bright to read a book, for example, but one candle is enough to sit comfortably together. Lanterns and torches are also suitable for illuminating paths.

If you choose a scented candle, you can fight the little beasts of mosquitoes at the same time. So you kill two birds very quickly with one stone.

For the most part do without electrical garden tools

With the use of the right garden tools and a little muscle power, you can also save some electricity here. There is a lot of electrical equipment for the garden: lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, trimmers, choppers, leaf vacuums and grass shears - but does it really have to be all these devices? Sure, they are very helpful, but in the past it was possible without them. The muscles still took on the role. Do without one or the other device, this saves electricity and also the expensive purchase costs.

Rake leaves - use instead of leaf vacuum

Tip 4: Use muscle strength
In addition to saving energy, you also do something for your fitness. For example, you can rake the leaves in autumn instead of using the leaf blower. The lawnmower only needs to be started once a week, if at all. For short lawns, you can also use a small hand-held lawn mower, the clippings can then remain on the lawn as fertilizer. For the hedge you can use a normal hedge trimmer instead of the electric one. You see, if you want, you can get results in the garden without much electrical equipment. And besides, a garden is a bit there to create something and not just to relax.

Garden pond

A garden pond can be a real eye-catcher in a garden. But if you want to create a garden pond, you must also be aware that pumps and filters are necessary. In most cases, of course, these are electrical and let the pointer of the electricity clock turn properly.

Tip 5: Use a solar powered pump
To prevent the high power consumption, you can already buy pond pumps with solar cells. So far, such pumps have only been available for smaller ponds. Some of them are even equipped with a fountain, which makes the overall picture appear more attractive. And all without electricity.

Cool drinks

A garden party includes cold drinks, that's for sure, it tastes a lot better. However, the refrigerator does not always have to be used for this. There are several alternatives you can use for cooling.

Tip 6: cooler bag with cool packs
A cooler bag with cold packs can give you cold drinks all the time. Just put the batteries in the freezer one day before and put them in the cooler bag with the drinks the next day.

Tip 7: Use ice cubes
Ice cubes are not only a great way to cool the drinks, but also to keep the bottles cool. You can buy large quantities of ice cubes in the supermarket or at the petrol station if you do not want to make them yourself. Simply put them in a large container such as a bucket and keep the drinks cool in them. Of course the ice cubes melt at some point, but the water is still cold for a while. Of course, you can always add more.

Tip 8: Bucket of cold water
Even a bucket of cold water from the ground can keep drinks and possibly grilled food cool for a certain period of time. Here you should change the water every now and then or give in cold water.

Barbecue in the garden

Tip 9: charcoal or electric grill?
An electric grill may be healthier in many eyes, but they are real power guzzlers. So you not only have to dig deeper into your pocket for purchases and electricity, but also do without the great smell of barbecues. And honestly, a nice juicy steak from the grill tastes better than from an electric grill, right?

Help on cool days

Tip 10: Warm things instead of radiant heaters
Towards the end of summer, the evening hours are getting quite cool, but that doesn't mean that you absolutely have to go back home. Instead of radiant heaters, patio heaters, etc., it's best to put on a sweater and throw on a cozy blanket. It is much more comfortable than being illuminated by a mushroom.

Conclusion: You see, saving electricity in the garden is not that difficult, you only have to do without the existing luxury from time to time.