Gardening gloves: models and their areas of application presented

Gardening gloves: models and their areas of application presented

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Good gardening gloves are simply essential for gardening. Here we present some models and their areas of application.

Rubber gardening gloves are the most popular

There are countless types of gardening gloves on sale in specialist shops, and hardly any consumers ultimately know which pair to use. In the meantime, there are also differently equipped gloves for various gardening tasks, which can be extremely useful for the protection of our hands all season long.

But what kind of garden gloves are there and for which areas of application are they suitable? We'll tell you.

Garden glove models and their areas of application presented

" Rubber gloves:

As soon as you use chemical agents in the garden, rubber gloves should also be used. Their length should extend at least over the wrist, because there is a risk of splashing when handling chemicals. The only disadvantage of this material is that some gardeners can quickly get sweaty hands with it.

After work, you should take off the rubber gloves twisted to the left and put them in a cleaning bath. You can easily do this from lukewarm water and a little washing-up liquid. Let the gloves dry well after cleaning.

»Leather gloves:

Leather gloves are particularly robust and can therefore be used for many jobs in the garden. Especially when thorny or prickly plants have to be worked on. Not so, however, the soft leather gloves, which are very similar to the fabric gloves, but are more comfortable and more durable.

The disadvantage of all leather gloves is that they are difficult to clean, unless they are models that are suitable for the washing machine, such as many of the soft leather gloves.

»Cloth gloves:

Cloth gloves are suitable for almost all simple garden work (such as sowing seeds, cutting flowers, etc.), can usually also be easily washed in the washing machine and are mostly breathable. Even for children, gardening gloves made of fabric are available inexpensively in the garden store.

In addition, today you can even buy water-repellent cotton fabric gloves with colorful decors in the specialist store. However, you should note that this type of gloves tears quickly during heavy gardening and less protection, e.g. before thorns.

By the way, fabric gloves without special extras should cost a maximum of 6 euros per pair, since they can usually only be worn for one season.

»Combined / high quality models:

Combined gardening glove models are now increasingly being offered in the garden store. For example, cloth gloves, the palms of which are covered with synthetic leather. This has the advantage that you can also wear this type of gardening gloves for more robust gardening tasks without getting sweaty hands. When buying such models, however, you should pay attention to their washability.

If you care for your gardening gloves, you should also choose high-quality models, which are usually characterized by special extras. These include, for example: