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Growing picking lettuce - how it works

Growing picking lettuce - how it works

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Do you like to eat salad? Then grow picking salad, because you can harvest it several times a year. Find out everything about growing here.

Picking lettuce can be harvested several times a year

The advantages of fresh picking salads are clearly that they thrive in the open and in the balcony box, grow extremely quickly and can therefore be harvested (picked) several times during the season. So they are very different from the cut salads. After a single cut, they cannot be harvested again. So give it a try and just grow your own picking salad.

Good varieties for growing

The well-known varieties include the oak leaf lettuce, the lollo rosso, the Batavia and also the finger salad. Specialized seed mixtures of various picking salads are also available from specialist retailers. Nowadays, picking salads are already offered as a seed tape, which means that it is no longer necessary to separate them. So just choose a few different varieties from the huge selection.

Sowing & care

Starting in April, you can sow picking salads outdoors. To do this, you have to create grooves with a depth of approximately 1.5 centimeters in the ground. Then sow the lettuce seeds thinly into these grooves. In the greenhouse, depending on the prevailing frost temperatures, picking salads can even thrive almost all year round. Sowing in the cold frame, in the raised bed or on the windowsill is also recommended.

➤ Tip:

If frost is still to be expected during the night, you should protect the sowing with a thin garden fleece.

As soon as the small plantlets become visible after about a week or two, you should separate them if they grow too small. From this point on, you should water the plants regularly if necessary. Otherwise, they hardly need any further care.

Unfortunately, the picking salad is not safe from snails. Which is why it is advisable to either fight the snails naturally (e.g. with beer traps) or with more environmentally friendly means such as a snail fence.

Harvest picking lettuce

The picking salad can be harvested for the first time around 6 weeks after sowing. The plants then grow up to around 15 to 20 centimeters and are considered mature. Then you can pick the leaves from the outside in. On the other hand, you should leave the heart leaves, because only when the heart leaves remain in the salad bed does the picking salad grow again and again.


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