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Ancillary construction costs for the garden: Plan this expenditure when building a house

Ancillary construction costs for the garden: Plan this expenditure when building a house

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The plans for building a house are in full swing. Every little detail is included in the financing. However, many forget their garden and the complete outdoor facilities. Here you can find out which additional building costs you have to calculate for the garden.

Before the mother earth comes into the bed, the soil must be excavated 10-20 cm

A dream house only looks half as beautiful when the outdoor area looks overgrown and neglected. If you decide to build a house, you should think about garden planning right from the start. Fences, paving stones, carport, hedges, useful trees, etc. - in total, they also represent a high cost factor. So that there is no additional financing in the end, you should plan certain factors right at the beginning of the financing.

Many home builders plan to spend some money on lawn, hedge and a small terrace in their cost statement. The fact that the money is nowhere near enough will only become apparent afterwards. So that this does not happen to you, you will find a list below with components that make a major contribution to garden design.

Components for the calculation of garden design

Interactive overview of ancillary construction costs

Prepare the ground and plant the lawn

In order for your plants and fruits to grow and thrive, you need nutrient-rich mother earth. But it will not be on your property. First of all, the old and rooted earth must be lifted out of the earth with a depth of at least 10-20 cm and disposed of. If you do this with your own muscle strength, you can save costs for a company here. Then the mother earth must be delivered.

You can excavate the earth during the construction phase. Before the base plate is placed, a large amount of earth is excavated. When the mother earth is delivered, this can be removed by the respective company. There are also sufficient construction machines on site. With the right planning, you can save some costs afterwards.

When you have spread the topsoil sufficiently and balanced it, you can sow the lawn.


So that you can mow your lawn regularly, you also need a lawnmower. Plan between 200 and 300 euros for a good lawnmower.

Pave driveway

In most cases the driveway will be paved after the house is built. With a bit of craftsmanship, you can do it yourself and save a lot of money.

For a perfect overall picture, the driveway must be paved

So that you can set the paving stones, you first need grit and gravel for the ground.

Now the paving stones are coming. Here it is of course crucial which paving stones you use. (You should pay attention to this!) Roughly calculate 15-20 euros per square meter, then you are on the safe side.

Terrace with or without a roof?

After work, a nice cup of coffee on the comfortably furnished terrace is a wonderful idea. If your terrace has a roof, you can enjoy your garden with all its advantages even when it is raining. However beautiful a terrace is, it takes a certain cost factor for the complete design.

A nice cozy terrace has its price

You need the right substrate, terrace slabs and filler material for the joints. When it comes to the roof, a parasol, awning, sun sail or a stable roof made of wood or metal can be used. The costs of course fluctuate depending on the way.

Carport or garage?

If the car is outdoors every night in winter, you need to scrape ice. A tedious task in the early morning, when you're in a hurry. It is of course much easier and more practical here if the car is protected in a garage or under the carport.

A storage space for a car ensures a scratch-free winter

But here, too, the costs cannot be ignored. A finished carport from the hardware store also costs at least its 1000 euros, depending on the size. Money that you certainly don't have as easily left after building a house. A garage costs a lot more, but also offers more protection.


In advance, inquire with the building authority whether you need a building permit for the garage or not. In the worst case, you could otherwise risk demolishing the garage.

Fence, hedges and other plants

To create additional protection against unwanted guests, you can fence your property. Here, of course, it depends on the size of the property that is to be fenced. You can also plant simple hedges or attach privacy mats on the side of the property to the border of the neighbor. These do not drive up the price quite as much, but should still be considered.

Fencing the property costs a lot of money

Create plants and beds
Looking out of the kitchen and looking at his beautiful garden gives a very wonderful feeling. You are proud of what you have already created. So that you don't have to look at a simple green area, you can plant different trees, shrubs and flowers.

Whether cherry, apple or plum tree - the trees not only offer you delicious fruits, but also a shady spot in the garden.

Set up the swimming pool

A swimming pool invites you to linger and relax. If you want to create a pool, you should plan this well in advance. Of course, a pool has its advantages and disadvantages. You don't have to go to the crowded outdoor pools in the summer and can loll in your own pool whenever you want. Nevertheless, having your own pool does a lot of work.

A pool provides relaxation and atmospheric pool parties

The costs for a pool are also very different here. From a simple, inexpensive quick-up pool to a swimming pool embedded in the ground - the costs vary greatly. It simply depends on your wishes and the abundance of your wallet.

Create a pond

A garden pond creates a great oasis of peace and well-being on a property. If you want to create a garden pond (helpful instructions here), this must be planned in detail beforehand. If you know in advance where the pond should be let in, you can use the house construction phase here. An excavator for excavation is on the property and the truck for removing the earth must also be organized. Here you kill two birds with one stone and can thus save some cash.

A pond is an oasis of peace and well-being in your own garden


These are the most important points that you should consider from a financial perspective when designing your garden. Of course, you won't do the whole garden design in a week, but you will sooner or later arise.

Calculate ancillary construction costs based on the size of the property

There is a formula that you can use to calculate the approximate construction costs for a garden. With this formula, the plot size is the basis for the calculation. For each square meter of land you can include an amount between 30 - 70 euros in the planning. With a plot of land of 1000 square meters, that's around 30,000 - 70,000 euros. Did you expect so much?

The exact costs for the garden area of ​​course vary very much. It all depends on the wishes and ideas of each individual.

Whoever finances should get good advice beforehand. There are many different financing companies on the market where you can find out in advance. The professionals at www.baufi24.de, for example, supported me very well. I can only recommend.