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Anti-stress plants: overview of plants with a calming effect

Anti-stress plants: overview of plants with a calming effect

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If you e.g. are often restless or cannot sleep, you should grow anti-stress plants. Our overview shows which plants have a calming effect.

Lavender relieves tension

Gardening alone helps many people to cope better with their everyday stress. You can also optimize coping with stress by growing appropriate plants in your own garden that have stress-minimizing effects.

These are mostly herbs, which are generally quite easy to grow. So plant a few more herbs in your garden and benefit from their stress-minimizing effects.

An overview of anti-stress plants

The St. John's wort, which is also used in many medications (mood enhancer) or the lemon balm, is probably one of the best known anti-stress plants, which can be used to enrich beneficial bath additives. Further recommended anti-stress plants for your own cultivation in the garden and their effectiveness can be seen in the table below.

Anti-stress planteffectiveness
rosesharmonizing and balancing
marigoldagainst anxiety
oatssleep-promoting, soothing
geraniumsbalance moods, harmonizing
hopBath additive against anxiety
valerianagainst nervousness
chamomilesoothing, balancing, relaxing
marjoramfor insomnia and stress-related migraines
celandinesoothing, antispasmodic
thymereduces nervous appearances
pineagainst nervousness and anxiety
dillpromotes sleep, promotes digestion
Kava kavasoothes the stomach
passionfloweralso sleep-promoting and calming
Bistortalso in combination with St. John's wort, relieves anxiety
lavenderas a bath additive, relieves tension
white cabbageagainst everyday stress
yarrowpromotes restful sleep
Pasquehelps with depression
limecalming, relaxing
sagewith nerve weakness of any kind
rosemary leaveshave a relaxing effect as a bath additive
Siberian ginsengAsian root plant, acts as a tonic for enormous everyday stress
ginsengsimilar to the taiga root, can be used for any kind of stress

For many people, just looking at a soothing green, i.e. the garden oasis itself, is enough to reduce stress. It is therefore recommended that you stay in your own garden as regularly as possible in the evenings - and not just to work, but just to relax!

By the way:

Plants can also suffer from stress. Enormous stress factors are, for example, the transplanting and rearrangement of flower pots, because they only have to get used to their new surroundings.