Attract birds - this is how you get atmospheric chirping in the garden

Attract birds - this is how you get atmospheric chirping in the garden

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What would a garden be without birds? Animals also belong to nature, and birds in particular often give us a lot of joy with their twittering. But how do you attract them?

Provide nesting sites

First of all: if things are going up in the garden, there are children, loud music is being played or barbecues are held all the time, the chance that birds will nest here is extremely slim. After all, birds like it quiet, even if they themselves can get very loud. If your garden is a bit quiet, here are some helpful tips on how to get the harmonious twittering of birds into the garden.

After all, birds not only enrich the garden acoustically, they also destroy plant pests. Especially during the breeding season, since their young need the protein-rich food. Lure birds into your garden to enjoy their chirping, kill two birds with one stone.

How to lure birds into your garden

Tip 1 - take care of nesting sites:

Provide nesting sites. Birds like to build their nests in the thick branches of trees, shrubs and hedges. If you only have flowers and shrubs in the garden, you will have to wait in vain for birds.

You can also hang up nesting boxes. Please note that the entry holes on the weather side must face eastwards and the sun cannot shine in too much. Also hang the nesting boxes so that cats and martens cannot reach them. The same also applies to bird feeders. Reading tip: Set up the bird feeder correctly - you have to pay attention to everything.

Tip 2 - plant berry bushes:

Plant shrubs that carry berries because they are a natural food source for birds. We recommend e.g. Elderberry, sloe, viburnum, barberry, privet and hawthorn.

Tip 3 - plant wildflowers:

But birds don't just like berries. They also love the seeds of native wild herbs and flowers. For example, birds are particularly attracted to evening primrose, St. John's wort, nettles and plantains. So it’s not bad if you don’t weed.

Tip 4 - attract insects:

It is also useful to plant plants that attract insects. These include e.g. Buddleja, stonecrop and phlox. In turn, attracting insects also attracts birds.

Tip 5 - provide bird food:

Provide dry feed in birdhouses or titballs (instructions here) on trees. This, however, only in the winter months, because then the birds find it particularly difficult to find food.

For feeding, use really only titballs, winter food mixtures for outdoors, sunflower seeds, raisins or oatmeal. On the other hand, you should not offer water-containing foods and potatoes and bread to the animals. This can harm them and, in the worst case, even kill them.

Tip 6 - greening the facade:

If you plan to green the facade of your house, you will automatically do something to attract birds. Blackbirds e.g. love walls covered with ivy, wild wine or knotweed.

Just try these tips. You will be amazed at how many subtenants you suddenly have.