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Garden styles: 5 popular garden types presented

Garden styles: 5 popular garden types presented

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One likes it natural, the other modern or rustic. Accordingly, there are also many different types of gardens, of which we would like to bring you 5 a little closer.

The natural garden

Today there are countless design ideas and fashionable garden trends, which of course can also be easily implemented in your own garden. However, this diversity in turn leaves many amateur gardeners undecided which type of garden design they should ultimately choose. It's really not an easy decision, after all, you can't even quickly change one garden style to another. So the decision has to be carefully considered.

From the multitude of garden styles, we picked 5 of the most popular garden types. We would like to introduce these to you in more detail here and also give you tips for suitable design ideas.

5 different types of garden presented

1. The natural garden:

In the natural garden, the natural growth of the plants and a diverse range of flowers are clearly in the foreground. It is the flower meadow that captivates the viewer, the orchard plantation, the stone or farm garden, from which herbs, vegetables and salads can always be freshly harvested during the season. In addition, a natural garden also offers enough space for a harmonious coexistence of humans with the local animal world, e.g. with bees, butterflies, birds and the like.

➤ Our tip:

In the natural garden, you should only use regionally typical plants (perennials, shrubs, fruit, vegetables and lettuce). It is also advisable to set up wooden seating groups that reflect the natural garden character particularly well. (Reading tip: create a natural garden - this is how it's done)

You can combine your natural garden excellently with all sorts of cozy accents such as a garden pavilion, a shady vine arbor, or a garden pond.

2. The styling garden:

The styling garden

A so-called styling garden impresses with its already architecturally planned line and numerous design elements. In such a garden, striking accents are important, which you can set in the form of lighting fixtures, sculptures, fountains, pool facilities and the like.

Furthermore, a styling garden often captivates with particularly exotic plants, which are arranged according to colors and height. It is therefore not uncommon to find only single-color blooming flowers in such gardens, in combination with evergreen trees such as Cherry laurels, cypresses, etc. and an English ornamental lawn.

➤ Our tip:

Modern elegance and grace are the attributes of a styling garden. To go with this, we recommend a seating set made of plastic rattan furniture that is easy to maintain and that is now available in numerous colors and shapes from specialist furniture retailers.

Furthermore, the styling garden can also be combined with many practical details. For example, with a winter garden that can be opened wide, a chic garden pavilion, pleasantly walkable wooden decking and much more.

3. The cozy garden:

The cozy garden

If you place particular value on pure cosiness in your own garden, you should move a little towards the natural garden. Of course, it can also be a little neat in a cozy garden. Such cozy gardens are particularly popular with families, especially since the children can then play extensively on spacious lawns equipped with some play equipment. Vegetable beds, fruit bushes and trees, as well as various lettuce plants can also ensure healthy nutrition from your own garden.

➤ Our tip:

Garden coziness is also expressed through the installation of a garden shed, a greenhouse, the installation of a fireplace and a barbecue area as well as cozy terrace seating. What is also important within such a facility is the personal feel-good character, which you can achieve with different flower arrangements as well as with lovingly designed seating groups, cozy corners and tree benches.

4. The practical garden:

The practical garden

The practical garden, which is particularly preferred by working people, stands for easy maintenance with high utility value, which is why these gardens are often equipped with extremely spacious lawns. In addition, as a rule, all flower beds are backed with garden fleece, heaped with humus and provided with flat-rooted plants to minimize the rather annoying weeding.

Furthermore, when planting you should also pay attention to slow-growing hedge plants, flowering shrubs and smaller flower beds. Also plant berry bushes, which also provide fresh fruit from your own garden.

➤ Our tip:

You should combine the practical garden with objects that require little maintenance, such as plastic seating and raised beds. The same applies to design elements, which could consist of polished stone balls or outdoor fountains without an associated garden pond, for example.

5. The theme garden:

Japanese themed garden

The garden esthete usually sets up a themed garden. Often in the form of a Zen garden, a South Tyrolean garden, a cottage garden or a pure play garden. However, it can also be individual plants with which a themed garden is particularly preferably equipped, such as a rose garden, a palm tree or cactus garden.

Regardless of the style in which the theme garden is oriented: it always allows only a few possible combinations. Seating groups, lighting fixtures, design elements, etc. must always adapt to the respective topics.

➤ Our tip:

A themed garden usually only matures over the years and continuously expands its spectrum. Numerous specialist exhibitions can help you to find rarities for your personal garden again and again.