Climbing Plants - Avoid Ivy!

Climbing Plants - Avoid Ivy!

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Ivy grows immeasurably

Many a homeowner doesn't like the bare house wall and decides to green it. It is boring ivy: not only that it grows and grows immeasurably, its suction cups also damage the wall.

If you remove it again, it leaves its mark. So how about clematis or passion flowers, for example. Between masonry and the actual plant, you should definitely one Attach trellis.

Avoid direct contact with the wall

The plants must not come into direct contact with the wall, otherwise the oxygen will not circulate and heat may build up. The plants also don't like the south side, otherwise they will burn in summer.

Climbing plants - clematis, passion flower and wine

While the clematis often only blooms in early summer, the garden lover can enjoy the passion flower all summer long. The colored flowers, bordered by a white crown, are available in all blue and violet tones.

It is not for nothing that the passion flower is one of the most popular climbing plants. Wine is also a popular climbing plant. Its red leaves are widely visible in autumn.

However, it has to be trimmed every now and then in spring, otherwise the shoots become woody and no longer bear leaves.