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Privacy screen for the winter garden - 5 ideas protect against prying eyes

Privacy screen for the winter garden - 5 ideas protect against prying eyes

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Large window fronts in the winter garden attract curious glances. With the solutions mentioned here, you avoid permanent observation.

Not every conservatory is so protected

You sit comfortably at the Sunday breakfast in the winter garden and then it happens: Wildly waving hands and a loud loud "Good morning" come over to you. In the worst case, “they” are even directly in front of the window. Nothing against a harmonious neighborhood, but what goes too far goes too far.

If you have a winter garden that points structurally to the street or on the neighboring property, you will sooner or later get a privacy screen. For me, this is a comprehensible aspect, because at some point you just want to be left alone, quite apart from privacy. But what are the options and which is the best solution for me?

1. Curtains for the winter garden

As you may have already done in the other rooms, you can also do it in the winter garden. Curtains may not be the most modern option to install a privacy screen in the winter garden, but it is always effective. Whether you use easily flowing fabric such as tulle or viscose, or prefer the heavy linen or cotton version is a matter of taste. The general rule is: the thicker the fabric, the better the privacy screen.

With an all-round pole system, you can decide at any time which side of the winter garden should be protected from prying eyes.

2. Modern privacy screen with pleated blinds

What was previously withheld from medical practices has long since become established in German homes. Chic blinds made of light pleated blind, which are one thing above all: practical. If you use a curtain, you have a complete privacy screen over the entire window front, but it also suddenly gets darker.

The good thing is that pleats are made to measure today., for example, has implemented what is almost perfect for conservatories. Here there is the privacy screen in all possible sizes and above all shapes, because even small triangular windows can be equipped with it. What I like best, however, is the possibility that the blinds can be adjusted vertically exactly as desired.

3. Roller blinds: practical and good

Roller blinds are similar to pleated blinds, but not as versatile. As the name suggests, the protective fabric is on a roll that is attached above the window.

Depending on the model, you have the choice of pulling the blind down completely or stopping at any point in the window. However, this only goes from top to bottom.

Roman blinds are a little spiced up, but they serve the same purpose.

Extra tip: Pay attention to the translucency
There are various privacy shield parameters for both the pleated blind and the roller blind. That means not every material is the same. Some really cover everything completely, so they are opaque, others let a shimmer pass through. For the winter garden, this means that you can see that someone is moving behind the window, but nothing more.

4. Window film for the winter garden

Do you know the tinted films for the car? You can practically look outside, but no one can get into the car. According to this principle, there are also special mirror films for windows. The great advantage of this variant of the privacy screen for the winter garden is that you still have a clear view outside, but you have the feeling from the outside that you are standing in front of a mirror.

As long as it is light outside, the method works just fine. However, when buying, make sure that the film also provides privacy at night or in the dark. Otherwise, neighbors have a clear view as soon as you switch on the light inside.

Unfortunately, there is a small drop of bitterness: in most cases, it becomes a little darker in the winter garden due to the mirror films.

5. Block curious glances with plants

Plants are the ideal solution for everyone who prefers natural privacy protection in the winter garden. You can arrange them both indoors and outdoors. The size of the plants depends on who or what they want to "hide" behind them.

The natural privacy screen has many advantages: