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Make flower planters out of concrete yourself - DIY video instructions

Make flower planters out of concrete yourself - DIY video instructions

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You can find a large selection of flower pots in DIY stores or online. There is actually something for every taste. But somehow it is always self-made and individually the most beautiful isn't it?

During my last search for a nice DIY gift, I came across a video from Deko Kitchen. In this video post, flower pots are made from concrete. Granted, buying one would have been a lot easier, but it should definitely be something homemade. I found it very interesting what role yoghurt cups played here. Sometimes everyday things can be used for other purposes.

My advice:

The flower pot already cuts a fine figure in concrete gray, but you can of course still color it to your taste. The pot can also be designed perfectly using the popular scrapbooking method. Just try it out and get a little inspiration.


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