Repotting coconut palm - how to do it right

Repotting coconut palm - how to do it right

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As usual for all palm trees, the coconut palm has to be repotted from time to time. But when is the best time for it and can you do something wrong?

Coconut palms have to be repotted approximately every 3 years

Coconut palms are one of the most popular palm varieties, which is why they can be found in many living rooms nowadays. After all, they don't just look good, with a little care they can last a long time. An important care measure is e.g. repotting. Only those who do this regularly can maintain the South Sea feeling in-house.

When is the best time to repot?

A coconut palm usually has to be repotted every three to four years, preferably at the beginning of spring. A visible indication that repotting the plant is necessary is the emergence of small, very fine roots on the surface of the earth.

What does the right flower pot look like?

Depending on the size of the coconut palm, you will need to use a flower pot that is a few centimeters larger in diameter than the plant. It is also important that you use a tall planter, as the so-called tap roots grow vertically downwards, for which they require a lot of space.

How to repot properly:

Put either good garden soil in the planter, which you mix with a little sand, or substrate. It is then important when inserting the coconut palm into the pot that half of the coconut has to look out at the top. It is also important that you do not damage the roots of the plant when repotting. So just press the earth gently.


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