Cut the bramble - how it works

Cut the bramble - how it works

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The blackberry bush needs care

Everyone loves them, everyone likes to snack on them and they are welcome in many gardens: many people like to eat blackberries for their lives. But that bramble you have to to cut and care so that it bears a lot of fruit.

  1. A blackberry bush has to be cut again and again. Otherwise it proliferates too much, which can not only look unsightly, but also means that it bears less fruit.
  2. That means shortening long rods to two to two and a half meters, they shouldn't be any longer.
  3. Since new shoots always grow out of the ground, you should also reduce them. Specifying a number does not make sense, since every shrub is different. This requires a sense of proportion.
  4. The shoots that bear fruit are removed immediately after harvesting. If you live in areas where cold winters prevail, you can still remove the rods in spring. From the shoots that grew out of the earth in the previous year, you will be able to harvest fruit in the following year.