Wild garlic instead of garlic - this is how it grows in the garden

Wild garlic instead of garlic - this is how it grows in the garden

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You don't get bad breath from wild garlic

It is becoming more and more fashionable and is particularly popular among garlic lovers: the Wild garlic. Bear's garlic has the advantage of being like garlic tastes good, but you don't get bad breath from it.

The seed needs frost

You can plant wild garlic yourself. A shady spot and you can start growing. It is very undemanding and requires no special care. The wild garlic is a cold germ, which means that its seeds need frost to germinate.

Sow seeds in autumn

If you want to sow yourself, you can sow the seeds in autumn, directly into the bed. But there are also wild garlic onions, which are also brought out in autumn and which sprout in spring. You no longer need frost.

Bear's garlic keeps coming back

Alternatively, you can also plant early plants. Everything is edible in the wild garlic, i.e. the leaves and the white flowers. Once planted or sown, it grows independently and comes back year after year.

Caution: Wild garlic looks confusingly similar to lily of the valley. Particular caution is required here, as lily of the valley is poisonous. Confusion can end badly. Therefore always plant separately.