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Recognize a lack of nutrients in plants

Recognize a lack of nutrients in plants

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Bright leaves indicate a lack of nitrogen

On nutrient deficiency is at plants not immediately visible, because they only show it after a few weeks. Therefore, you have to react quickly at the first signs. Depending on how the leaves or the whole plant behave, certain shortcomings can also be closed.

Leaves are pale in color
If the leaves turn pale and the plants do not bloom, there is a lack of nitrogen. This can only be remedied by mixing some fertilizer into the irrigation water.

Leaves are stained
If the leaves are not only lightened, but also stained, this is a sign of a magnesium deficiency. Here you need a fertilizer that contains trace elements.

Leaves are colored light yellow
If the leaves are colored light yellow, but the veins remain green, this indicates an acute iron deficiency. This can only be remedied with a special iron fertilizer. Petunias in particular often suffer from it.

Brown leaf margins
Brown leaf margins are evidence of potassium deficiency. If you regularly use a high-quality fertilizer, this should not happen first, because it contains all the important nutrients. After fertilizing, it can take a few weeks for the plant to recover.