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Thin out tomatoes for plenty of fruit

Thin out tomatoes for plenty of fruit

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Tomatoes are popular aromatic fruits. Tomatoes need to be thinned out so that you can reap plenty of them. You can find out what this means and how it works here.

Tomato shrubs should not grow bushy

Tomatoes are hard to imagine in the garden. They are delicious, aromatic and a refreshing snack in between. Especially when harvesting, one or two tomatoes like to go straight into your mouth. A wonderful pleasure that you can not compare with bought tomatoes. That's why most gardeners probably have at least one tomato plant in the garden.

So that your plant also bears plenty of fruit, it is important to thin it out regularly.

What is thinning out anyway?

It is often the case that the tomato plants do not bear as much fruit as they actually could. It's not because of the variety, but because you have to treat it properly.

Most tomatoes grow bushy. A big disadvantage, because the more leaves the plant has, the bushier it becomes and the less fruit it can produce because it puts all of its power into forming leaves. We gardeners do not want a bushy tomato plant with small, measly tomatoes, but rather a rather bare plant but with large juicy tomatoes.

That is why it is so important to thin out your tomato plant (also known as pickling).

Thin out the tomato plant - this is how it's done

In the tomato plant there are shoots (also known as stinging shoots) that form in the leaf axils. These are sterile and therefore completely unnecessary. So get rid of it. You do this as follows:

❶ Look for the so-called stingy shoots on your tomato plant and grasp it between two fingers and simply snap it off.

❷ Larger side shoots must also be removed. To do this, simply move the side shoots back and forth a little until it breaks out on its own.

When you have removed the unnecessary shoots, your tomato plant will concentrate again on the formation of flowers and put all its strength into it.

Important when pickling tomatoes:
Never go to work here with scissors. This can cause considerable damage to your tomato. When cutting, there is a higher risk that the plant will become infected with leaf blight.

➔ And another tip at the end:
Thinning is not a one-time thing, but must be carried out throughout the season. Such miserings come again and again