Relocate ants and don't kill them

Relocate ants and don't kill them

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Ants are very useful in the garden

Like everything in the garden, so can you Relocate ants, Yes, you read it right. It happens every now and then that the small animals spread out in places where you just can't use them.

Then many resort to ant poison, baking soda or pour hot water into the ant building. All of this does not have to be and should not be used if possible. Because ants are very useful in the garden. So the alternative is simply relocating the ants. And this works very simply:

  1. Take a flower pot or a planter - it shouldn't have a hole at the top.
  2. Slip it over the visible structure in the floor.
  3. Now you have to wait a week or two. During this time, the ants occupy the pot and nest there.
  4. Now just slide a wooden board under the flower pot and release the ants to another place.

You see, you have to ants not always the same kill.


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