Fighting mold on strawberries - 3 tips

Fighting mold on strawberries - 3 tips

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Mold on strawberries unfortunately drives away the joy of harvesting these sweet fruits. But with our three tips you can fight the mold.

Not exactly tasty: mold on strawberries, we all like to eat them for our life: strawberries. All winter and half of spring we look forward to the strawberries being ripe from mid-May onwards, storming and wanting to snack, but are very disappointed. Because often has Mold on the strawberries educated.

Why is that? The gray mold is to blame. It is already attached to the flower and then appears during growth. The reasons are usually wet and too little air.

And this is how you remedy the situation:

  1. Thin out the strawberries, some of which multiply uncontrollably.
  2. Throw away offshoots or plant them in another bed.
  3. The strawberry plants should be slightly higher so that they get enough air.

If you then mulch, nothing can go wrong. Strawberries are made using straw. A position under the plants prevents fruit from lying directly on the ground. Those who take these three tips to heart will soon have delicious, mold-free strawberries again.