Grow your own vegetable seeds

Grow your own vegetable seeds

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Anyone who grows vegetables in the garden should not only harvest the vegetables themselves, but also the seeds. So you don't have to buy new seeds every year.

You do not have to buy vegetable seeds

Tomatoes taste particularly good this year? It would be great if you could grow these tasty tomatoes again next year. It works very easily. All you have to do is harvest the seeds. Of course, this also works with many other types of vegetables. This not only saves you money on the seeds, it is also a lot of fun. Here is a guide for it.

This is how you can win the seeds

❶ Harvest ripe fruit:

First of all you need a mature fruit of the desired vegetable type. You can always recognize a ripe fruit by its soft fruit body. However, only harvest the fruits that best meet your expectations. Always harvest only healthy plants, because diseases can also be transmitted via the seeds.

Lösen Remove seeds:

Now cut the vegetables open and carefully remove the seeds with a spoon. Depending on the vegetables, you can also hold it over a bowl and squeeze it out. That works e.g. very good for tomatoes.

❸ Let the seeds ferment:

If there is still pulp on the kernels, you do not necessarily have to remove them. Put everything in a container with lukewarm water, put it in a warm place and wait a few days. The mass then begins to ferment. The seeds then detach themselves from the pulp and sink to the ground.

❹ Wash off the seeds:

When all the seeds have sunk to the ground, simply spoon off the pulp that floats above. Then you have to put the seeds in a fine sieve and wash them.

❺ Dry seeds:

Then place the seeds to dry on baking paper, in a coffee filter or on some kitchen paper. You now need to dry in an airy place at around 25 degrees.

❻ Store seeds dark:

Once the seeds have dried, it is best to put them in an airtight glass. Then put it in a dry and dark place. As early as next spring you can use the seeds to grow delicious vegetables. If you don't want to use the seed next year, that's not a problem. Stored dry and well closed, it lasts about five years.

If the seeds are older than five years, it is best to carry out a germ test before sowing (instructions here). This way you can see whether it is still worth sowing.

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