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This is how paprika gets a lot of fruit

This is how paprika gets a lot of fruit

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Pepper plants need a lot of sun

Among the vegetables, the paprika is a plant that is found more and more often in the gardens. If you are enthusiastic about it and want to have lots of fruit, you should note the following:

With peppers in particular, the first fruit usually forms at one stage, since the plant is still very small and has hardly any leaves. This means that it puts all of its strength into the fruit, but it remains very small and hardly grows during the growth of the first peppers and certainly does not form new leaves. So the plant will certainly not produce rich fruits.

Break off the royal flower and provide for sun
The solution: break off the first flower, also known as the royal flower. As a result, the plant can continue to work to form leaves and grow larger in order to get more energy and to be able to bear many flowers and fruits. Oh yes, but it could also be in the wrong location. Make sure that peppers are always in the sun.