Perennials for the summer

Perennials for the summer

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Perennials beautify every garden and do not require any special care. When buying, you should inquire about the right location.

Perennials are an optical enrichment for the garden. They grow very abundantly and sometimes bloom for a very long time. When planting the perennials, however, you should always pay attention to when the perennial flowers and how high it can get.

There is in the summer months perennials, which can still show a beautiful bloom in the next year.

Phlox, garden poppies, sun bride and loosestrife bloom in June and July. Dahlias, aconite, goldenrod and autumn asters are known for August and September. But there are many more different perennials where you just have to find a suitable combination.

Easy care for perennials
Perennials are generally easy to care for and will come through the soil on their own again next year. In winter, many varieties completely freeze back and lose their leaves. If you create several perennials in a sophisticated and combined manner in the garden, this can give a very nice picture and you always have something to offer.

Pay attention to the location
However, the locations have different requirements. Some shrubs prefer the shade and others love the sun. Therefore, when purchasing the plants, you need to be well informed. Unused corners in particular can be embellished with perennials.