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Better remove snow from the greenhouse

Better remove snow from the greenhouse

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Both the poles, the glass roof and the plants suffer from the pressure when there is snow on the greenhouse.

Greenhouse: the snow has to go down! Snow has a high weight and for this reason alone, the construction of a greenhouse is very demanding due to the snow lying on it. Both poles and the glass roof groan under the high pressure through the snow, so you should Snow on the greenhouse better remove.

Incidence of light is reduced by snow
Snow removal is also very important for plants. The incidence of light is very short in winter and the sun has significantly less power. If the incidence of light, which mainly comes from the roof, is now also reduced by snow, the exposure of the plants in the greenhouse is significantly reduced once again.

Rule of thumb:
The rule of thumb is that whenever the power of the sun does not melt the snow on the greenhouse roof, clearing the roof is important.

In addition to clearing snow, soot and dust particles are also removed from the roof of the greenhouse, which can also reduce the incidence of light. While snow is welcome on outdoor beds because it protects crops from intense frost damage in winter, it is harmful to both the plants and the greenhouse itself on the greenhouse roof.