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Planting a tree - which is the right one?

Planting a tree - which is the right one?

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Who wouldn't want to relax under a tree on a lounger in their garden? So it's about planting a tree, but which tree is suitable for this?

Deciduous tree or fruit tree?
First, it has to be clarified whether the tree should bear fruit, i.e. plant an apple or cherry tree, or whether it is a deciduous tree such as Maple or willow tree is meant to act.

If you want to harvest fruit, you should choose a small tree. Here it is easier to get the fruit and the tree does not grow lavishly beyond the property boundaries.

Ornamental cherry, laburnum and vinegar tree
Ornamental trees also have their charm. This tree presents itself as a ball-cut hawthorn due to its shape. Depending on the size of the garden, you can also have a walnut planted. The fruits are particularly popular in autumn.

If the garden has very little space and you don't want to spend as much work on maintenance and harvesting, you can plant an ornamental cherry. In spring it delights with pink flowers and in autumn colorful leaves shine before winter comes. The laburnum or the vinegar tree can also be built into the garden setting in a particularly beautiful way.


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