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Cutting trellis fruit properly brings a lot of fruit

Cutting trellis fruit properly brings a lot of fruit

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Trellis fruit has to be cut relatively often

In a small garden or even on the balcony, espalier fruit is a good alternative. But also Spalierobst you have to cut correctly, so that it can grow to save space and also bear fruit.

Before you can cut the trellis fruit at all, you have to put on a climbing aid and tie the branches accordingly. Wires or other holding devices are ideally suited for this.

The branches must be permanently tied to this form frame, which is also called a trellis. The fine branches could break off under the weight of the fruit. Here you also have the opportunity to cut the tree correctly, so that classic shapes can be created.

Cut espalier fruit in certain shapes
For example, if you want to have a columnar shape, the guide should not be shortened, only the side branches must be cut regularly. Trellis fruit has to be cut relatively often so that it also maintains the desired shape. The shoots must not be cut too far, otherwise they will not bear fruit.


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