The autumn crocus

The autumn crocus

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A flower that is associated with spring is the crocus. This is, so to speak, the harbinger of spring when, from March, sometimes even from February, it sticks its cheeky head out of the ground to see when spring finally comes. But hardly anyone knows it autumn crocus.

Autumn crocus stuck in summer
This looks deceptively similar to relatives in spring, but blooms from September. This means that it must also be inserted in August at the latest if you want to see it bloom. It works very well in small groups in the meadow or in the bed. It is also popular for the rock garden.

Plant the onions in small groups
The onions are placed about 5 to 10 centimeters in the ground. In this way it comes into its own in small groups. By the way, you don't have to dig out the onions. They can stay in the ground all year round and then form daughter onions. From year to year, the flowers become more lush.