Remove plant stolons

Remove plant stolons

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We all surely know the situation: You have a beautiful flowering bush that suddenly forms runners. This means that new shoots emerge alongside the actual crop, these plants foothills you have to remove.

Cut off the plant runners close to the ground
The shoots can grow a few centimeters apart, or a meter and more. What does the one who doesn't know know what to do? He is happy and lets the plant grow. But that's exactly the wrong thing! Such foothills should be cut off near the ground. Why? The plant is rooted underground and forms new shoots directly from the roots.

Draw new plants from the shoots
If you let them grow, you get a new plant, but you also prevent the main plant from developing. Because the power available to the plant is distributed, less power is put into the main plant. The result: it no longer grows sufficiently or has a poorer bloom. Therefore simply cut off the shoot. However, you can also dig it out, separate the root connection and raise it as a new plant.


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