Cultivate parasol mushroom in the garden

Cultivate parasol mushroom in the garden

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Parasol mushrooms grow very large

The parasol mushroom is not recognized by many as edible, but it is a tasty mushroom that can often be found in the local forests. With a few tricks you can do that Cultivate parasol mushroom in the garden.

The mushroom grows on forest or path edges between July and October. It grows very large and has a particularly eye-catching screen.

Buy the mushroom cultures in the garden department
In the garden department you can get parasol mushroom cultures and grow the giant umbrella trees in the garden. They like a partially shaded and sheltered corner. The pure lawn is enough for the mushrooms. The crop only needs to be covered with some soil or lawn so that the substrate is no longer visible. After a few months, the parasol mushrooms will sprout here too.

Parasol mushrooms are also suitable for freezing
In the meantime, they have become a real delicacy among mushrooms. They can be used in many dishes and you can also freeze the parasol mushrooms. If you are lucky, the cultures will stay in your own garden for many years and reproduce. You can buy the cultures, for example, at


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