What is bark humus?

As bark humus is a refined form of bark mulch. This bark is more finely ground and the grain size is much lower than with normal bark mulch. Bark humus also has a lot of advantages for a gardener.

The substances contained in the bark humus can prevent the growth of pests and weeds. The pH value is around 5.5. As a buyer, you can choose between with and without nutritional additives for this bark humus.

Fertile soil due to bark humus
If you put the bark humus on the ground, it will be better supplied with water, air and heat. The plant nutrients can be stored better, so that the soil is more fertile and healthy and vigorous plants can grow here. Because of the fine grain, the weeds cannot grow too much.

Usually, the humus is also mixed with soil, because it can cause strong plant growth. Even the soil in the flower boxes can be improved with the bark humus. The plants are healthier and can grow stronger.