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Freshness treatment for plants

Freshness treatment for plants

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Divide the plants in time

Anyone who has a garden knows that the longer plants grow and the bigger they grow, the less they can flower. Yes, sometimes they can even break. And they can also become unsightly. Don't let it get this far and treat yourself to yours plants a Freshening!

Take the initiative in good time and share the plants. This is exactly the right way to make them young and fresh again.

That's how it works:

  1. Plants are usually divided in the spring, except for the varieties that bloom in the spring. You should share these in autumn.
  2. Cut the withered plant remains from the previous year a hand's breadth above the ground and carefully dig out the plant. If the roots are tender, you can divide the plant by hand, for tubers the spade is used.
  3. Making two parts of the same size from one plant, if it is already very large, there can be several.
  4. Then plant again, loosen the soil well and fertilize. That's it.

It's so easy to make two plants and of course get twice as many flowers.