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Prachttscharte - The Liatris brings the prairie into the garden

Bring a piece of prairie home. With the splendor notch or Liatris, you can do it very easily. The origin of this pretty flower is to be found in the prairies of Central America.

There it thrives and enchants the steppe in a sea of ​​flowers. She will soon be able to do that in your garden. By the way: it is not as rare as it sounds. It is at home in almost every garden.

Flowering period from July to September
Flowering is from July to September. The special thing about the Liatris: It blooms from top to bottom. Their flowers, which are up to 50 centimeters long, start at the top and continue downwards. This is also the reason why the liatris blooms longer than other flowers.

Sun and damp soil
The splendor notch likes sun and slightly damp soil, but also has no problem with a longer dry period. If it produces fewer flowers over the years, you should divide it in spring. So you multiply the liatris and you always have a wonderful sea of ​​flowers in pink or white.