Tips for grooming geraniums

Tips for grooming geraniums

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One of the most popular balcony and window flowers is the geranium. These non-hardy flowers are placed outside from March and then bloom there until October, before they move back to their winter quarters. Here are ours Tips for grooming geraniums.

  1. In the cold months, the geraniums lose their leaves and are stored cool and bright.
  2. Then when spring is back in the house, you should Cut back geraniums, The reason: the plant is rejuvenated again and can get bigger and more beautiful flowers.
  3. Your task must now be to cut the plants on the shoots to such an extent that two to a maximum of four eyes remain. These are the leaf roots, i.e. the buds, which you can already see very well here.
  4. There are also more and more hobby gardeners who put geraniums in the bed. Of course you can do that too, but don't forget to bring the plants indoors in time. A first frost can damage them.


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