When the composting area becomes a point of contention

When the composting area becomes a point of contention

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The compost heap is often considered an object of dispute

Whoever owns a garden often has his own composting, This is not only allowed, it is also desirable. Because in this way you can turn substances that rot into useful soil. And it makes sense that everyone is very environmentally friendly. Now it can happen that you have a composting place in the garden, through which the neighbor feels disturbed and then to the bone of contention becomes.

In this case, is there something to consider, such as the location where the compost is attached or a possible distance from the neighbour's property? The legislator answers these questions with a general “no”. If you create a composting place in the garden, you don't have to accept any restrictions.

The size and location can be freely selected
The location can be chosen as freely as the size. You cannot defend yourself against an unpleasant smell, you have to accept it. Nevertheless, there are always judgments that prohibit extreme odor nuisance and that you have to put the compost somewhere else. However, it is not possible to say what is meant by extreme annoyance.

You don't have to tolerate flies and vermin
If flies and other vermin are attracted by the compost and thereby annoy the neighbors, things look a little different. It is best to set up the compost as far as possible from the neighboring property. This saves you a lot of trouble.


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