Cut shrubs in early summer

Cut shrubs in early summer

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Only cut the forsythia after flowering

Bushes and shrubberythat bloomed in spring should be grown in early summer, preferably shortly after flowering, to cut, How come? Can't you just let them grow?

Of course you can too, but you risk that the shrubs produce fewer flowers year after year and thus become ever denser, but no longer show the flower splendor as it could be.

Cut shrubs after flowering
That is why you should cut and clear the branches that are several years old after flowering. The branches are cut about a third above the ground and young shoots are cut by a third. So do not do this in spring, otherwise you risk that the plant will not bloom very abundantly. However, if you cut in early summer, then she has time until the next spring to generate plenty of new young shoots again.

This cut is particularly recommended for the following plants:
Lilac, forsythia, Deutzie, scented jasmine and Kolkwitzie, Spirea


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