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Make your own seeds

Make your own seeds

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The manufacturer's range of vegetables is very large. But more and more hobby gardeners don't want ordinary tomato or cucumber varieties. There are several ways to get the seeds of plants.

In the beginning, the desired plants and their fruits must ripen completely. You have to wait until they are very soft.

The fruits are then cut open and the seeds are carefully removed with a spoon. You can leave some pulp hanging on the seeds. After the fermentation process, this dissolves automatically.

Then wash the seeds over a coarse mesh sieve and place them on a kitchen towel to dry. The amount of fruit can vary until enough seeds have been obtained. Even if you have too much, you can keep it in a jar. They remain germinable for about eight years.

The place to store the seeds should be dark and cool. If the sun hits the seed, it could start to germinate. Good watering and sun is important when planting.


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