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Planting fruit trees - 2 tips

Planting fruit trees - 2 tips

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A garden without fruit trees is not a real garden - or do you see it differently? fruit trees have to be and that's why you should have some plants, Whether cherries, apples, pears or plums, fruit fresh from the tree simply tastes wonderful! It's fun to harvest the fruit and snack on the fruit.

It will take a few years before that happens. Because the tree must first grow and grow before it can bear the first fruits. So that this becomes something with the fruit tree, you should pay attention to a lot when buying.

  1. For example, whether the soil is loose in the pot or is tight around the root ball. If it is loose, you should stay away from it, these trees are difficult to grow. The ball of earth must be as firm as possible.
  2. Before the implant the root ball and the pot are then immersed in a container with water and left there until there are no more air bubbles. Then carefully remove the pot and plant the tree.


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