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Palms - tips for care and wintering

Palms - tips for care and wintering

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Frost hardy palms are rather the exception, so you have to have enough space to bring the palms indoors in winter.

Frost-proof: palm trees in the winter garden

The German gardener wants more and more exotic plants. The Palm tree is one of the plants that is at the top of the wish list. However, if you have no way to bring palm trees inside in winter, you should stay away from it.

There are already frost hardy palm trees, but even here it is not said that they can spend the winter outdoors. Palm trees in the greenhouse or conservatory, on the other hand, can survive the cold season and are then brought outside on the terrace on warm summer days.

Blue palm tree and dragon tree
Two palm trees that are particularly popular are the blue palm and the dragon tree. Blue palms have bluish to silver-gray leaves. You only get this if the plant gets a lot of sun. The dragon tree, originally found on the Canary Islands and Cape Verde, also needs a lot of sunlight. In summer it can not be warm enough (but never forget to water), in winter the palms prefer a temperature between 8 and 15 degrees.


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