Build a raised bed yourself in 7 steps

Build a raised bed yourself in 7 steps

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Build a raised bed yourself

Vegetables in your own garden are a hit. You save a lot of money and it is also a lot of fun growing your own vegetables. It is a lot of fun to build a raised bed yourself and plant his vegetables there.

A raised bed is so practical because, firstly, your back doesn't hurt so much from stooping, and secondly, the nutrients that are in the ground are available for the vegetable plants. Because in a raised bed not only does soil come in, it consists of several layers that can be used for many years.

  1. The border is made of wood or wire boxes.
  2. A chain link fence or a grid serves as a base.
  3. Then there are a total of five different layers. First a layer of wood waste. Shredded branches are ideal here.
  4. This is followed by a layer of plant remains. Make sure that no sick plants are used.
  5. Then a layer of garden waste.
  6. Then another layer of leaves.
  7. Finally earth and compost.

Those who grow their vegetables on it are guaranteed to be able to expect a lavish harvest.


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