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Planting vegetables - what should you pay attention to?

Planting vegetables - what should you pay attention to?

You might think that when you Plant vegetables nothing can go wrong. Not even close! It really depends on the planting depth that is given to the vegetable plants. Most vegetables must be planted so that the stem is not covered by soil and the roots are not visible.

On the one hand, this prevents the roots from being in the air, which can interfere with their functionality, and on the other hand, a stem that is planted too deep can ensure that the plants start to rot.

However, one must note that this does not apply to all plants. Tomatoes and cucumbers, for example, are burrowed into the ground until the first leaves. This allows them to absorb more water and additional roots are formed, which give the plants more hold.

On the outside you can already tell the difference in the plant. Tomatoes and cucumbers have a firm stalk, whereas you can't find them in lettuce and other vegetables.