Planting horseradish in the garden - how it works!

Planting horseradish in the garden - how it works!

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Horseradish is a must in any garden these days. After all, it not only refines dishes, it also has a healing effect. In addition, cultivation is child's play.

Fresh horseradish is really spicy

Would you like to plant horseradish in the garden? That shouldn't be a problem if you pay attention to a few little things and treat the horseradish as described here. Certainly you can buy horseradish in a glass, but fresh horseradish from the garden tastes of course a lot more spicy and, above all, more natural. You can also use the fresh root as a medicinal plant. Horseradish works e.g. antibacterial, diuretic and expectorant.

So don't be afraid to grow the vegetables yourself. It doesn't do much work either. Even those who don't have a garden can plant horseradish. Finally, the vegetables can also be planted in a bucket. So if you only have a balcony, you don't have to do without the taste of fresh horseradish. You only need to plant it in time for the cultivation to succeed. The best time for cultivation is in spring, i.e. in March / April.

This is how horseradish can be planted in the garden

Before you plant the horseradish in the garden, you should know one thing: where you grow it now, you can only plant the vegetables again in four years. Proceed as follows:

❶ Obtain fully grown roots from which you cut off the side shoots. These should have a length of at least 25 centimeters and a circumference of not less than one centimeter. You must now cut these shoots directly at the base. The interface must then dry.

❷ Now it's off to earth. Dig the new roots so deep that about five centimeters protrude. The cultivation should also always take place in rows. Keep a distance of 80 cm between the rows and 30 cm between the plants.

❸ If you still pour the horseradish well, it should soon sprout from the top. From mid-May to mid-June, when the shoots are about 10 cm long, you have to expose the heads and break off the side shoots. But don't take the plant out of the ground! Then spread the earth over the shoots again. In autumn you can harvest your own strong horseradish stalks.

➤ A little tip:

In very humid locations, the horseradish can spread widely. But they can stop the growth of horseradish. Read here how it works.

How to properly plant horseradish in a bucket

Unfortunately, if you don't have a garden, you don't have to do without the aromatic taste of horseradish. Finally, you can also plant it in a tub. The best way to do this is as follows:

❶ Mix compost, sand and garden soil in equal parts and then put the substrate in a bucket.

Anschließend Then take an approximately 25 cm long and 1 cm thick horseradish root and insert it diagonally into the ground. The upper end must then protrude about 3 cm from the ground.

❸ Now you have to keep the soil moist and remove all side shoots in June. When all leaves slowly begin to wither in October, you can start harvesting.

➤ A little tip:

Do not separate the side parts in June, then you should do so at the latest when harvesting. If you then store them in sand boxes over the winter, you can bring the side parts back into the ground the following spring.


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