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Plant care in the pond

Plant care in the pond

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Raising plants need to be thinned out

A pond also needs pond plants so that it really comes into its own. You could assume that you no longer have to take care of these plants. Of course, things like watering, fertilizing or loosening the soil are not necessary. But you still have to take care of the plants. Especially if you overgrow. For this reason, you should put heavily overgrown plants such as swamp or shallow water plants in so-called mesh baskets when planting the pond. This will prevent the plant from spreading over the roots. Water lilies are also included. You always have to thin them out.

Plants and fish
The thinning out of the pond plants is very important because they can very quickly contest the habitat of weaker species. However, this not only has something to do with the competition in the plant world, but is even more important if you have fish in the pond. Then you should not only thin out the crops above ground, but also underground. You should then cut off water lilies that spread too much. It is best if you do not buy plants that grow uncontrollably when you buy them.


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