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Multiply rosemary

Multiply rosemary

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Once you get a taste of rosemary, a rosemary plant in the garden will no longer be enough. So here's how you can grow rosemary.

Rosemary exudes a wonderful fragrance

Anyone who loves spices will also know the distinctive fragrance and taste of rosemary. In the garden, on the balcony, on the terrace and even in the winter garden, the plant exudes a wonderfully aromatic fragrance. And of course, rosemary should not be missing when cooking, because it gives dishes a great Mediterranean taste. If you want to multiply your rosemary plants because of this, you do not have to buy new plants. You can also easily multiply your rosemary by means of offshoots, subsidence or seeds - no matter what type of rosemary it is.

Multiply rosemary by offshoot

❶ Cut off individual tips that have not yet been wooded. They should have a length of about ten centimeters.

❷ Now carefully remove the leaves with a knife on about two thirds of the shoot.

❸ Then put the stem in the soil and press it firmly into place. After a few weeks, the shoots have already grown. Since not all shoots will take root, you can put several in a flower pot and plant them separately after growing.

Multiply rosemary by lowering

❶ With this method, you have to fill a clay pot with a soil-sand mixture and then dig it into the ground slightly below the rosemary plant.

❷ Now select a rosemary shoot and bend it towards the earth in the clay pot. Here it should now be planted, still connected to the mother plant.

❸ Slightly cut the shoot at the point where it is planted lowered and add some rooting powder there.

❹ Now plant the cut area in the clay pot. If the shoot does not stay in the ground, weigh it down with a small stone.

❺ Now pour well and keep the soil moist. After about four months, you can then separate the sinker from the mother plant.

Multiply rosemary with the help of seeds

❶ Fill the cultivation container with special seed soil. Since it is very fine, it best meets the requirements for the rosemary seeds. Then moisten the soil slightly with the help of a spray bottle.

❷ Now mix the seeds with a little fine sand and sprinkle this mixture on the seed soil.

❸ Now sprinkle a thin layer of seed soil over the seeds and moisten them slightly.

Anschließend Then cover the growing pots with transparent film and place the pots in a bright and warm place. After all, rosemary seeds are light germs.

❺ Now you must always keep the substrate evenly moist.

❻ As soon as the first shoots are visible, you can remove the cover. After the first two leaves appear after the first two leaves, you can separate the plants. If they are strong enough, they can be put into the bed.


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