Ornamental shrubs that do not need to be cut

Ornamental shrubs that do not need to be cut

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Only trim old and broken branches in the scented snowball

Many shrubs that you have in the garden should be cut and pruned regularly. On the one hand so that they don't get too big, on the other hand so that they are brought into shape. But there are also shrubs that should not be cut, otherwise they will lose their beautiful natural growth. It can also happen that they no longer regrow and bare properly. With the following three shrubs you should only cut individual shoots in an emergencywhen the shrub gets too big. Otherwise just let it grow:

  1. Scented snowball: Those who do not cut here will be rewarded with lush flowers. You can remove old or broken branches.
  2. Witch hazel: It grows very large and should already have enough space when planting. The winter flowering plant does not need to be pruned, otherwise the typical growth will be lost.
  3. Magnolia: The shrub blooms more abundantly if you do not cut it. If you want to remove old branches, you should do so in July or August.


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