Vegetable harvest in September

Vegetable harvest in September

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When summer comes to an end, it is harvest time for many vegetables. But you shouldn't harvest everything immediately, but look at the plants and the fruits first, because not all are ready. It also doesn't hurt if you take the tips we give you here:

  1. Beets, beetroot and radishes are harvested from September. However, only harvest the large specimens here. The little ones can stay on the plant until mid-October. This gives you another growth spurt and makes you really big and heavy.
  2. If you want to harvest potatoes earlier, chopping the soil regularly and piling up the potato plant will help. Otherwise, potatoes are ready for harvest from the end of September. They are brought up with a digging fork on dry days and should remain there for a while to dry off. At a storage temperature of 2 to 8 degrees, potatoes even last for several weeks.


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