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Raking leaves - How to master the leaves

Raking leaves - How to master the leaves

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The rake is one of the cheapest methods

A garden is beautiful, but it also does a lot of work. I'm not telling you anything new. There is work that you like to do and work that is annoying. For many, the latter also includes raking leaves. Of course it depends on how big the garden is. With small gardens this is done quickly, with large gardens - well, you can imagine.

There are three ways you can master the foliage:

  1. The rake: The tried and tested method is of course exhausting and often laborious, but it has the advantage that it can be used to bring the leaves from the grass to the beds to protect flowers and plants from the cold temperatures. In addition, this method is almost free of charge.
  2. The leaf blower: A method that is becoming more and more popular. Simply suck in the leaves and have no more trouble with them. Disadvantages: It is very loud, uses gasoline and there is no longer a protective leaf layer.
  3. Leaf blower: This is also popular. With it you can quickly and easily clear the lawn from the leaves and direct them onto the beds or bring them together in piles. The disadvantages are that it too is expensive and runs on petrol.


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