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Canna hibernate - how it is done!

Canna hibernate - how it is done!

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A hint of tropics blows through the garden when you have planted one or more cannas. To keep them looking great next year, you have to overwinter your canna.

A canna must be stored frost-free in winter

Canna hibernate
This great flower blooms in different shades of red and has large leaves that are reminiscent of banana plants. When winter approaches, you have to bring your canna inside so that it can spend the winter. As it is not hardy, this beautiful flower would not survive in the garden. So you have to dig them out in the fall and spend the winter frost-free.

Dig up Canna
When it comes time to dig out your canna, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Many make the mistake of digging out their canna too early. However, you should only bring them inside when the first frosts have already colored the leaves brown. Don't worry, it won't harm your plant, on the contrary. If you dig out the plant too early, you risk losing its strength.

Store Canna properly
After excavation, you should cut the bulb out to hand's breadth. Then you have to remove the soil from the tuber with a brush and store it dry. It is best to store your canna in a box filled with sand. Alternatively, you can let the flower overwinter in a pot. With this variant you have to store the plant in a dark and cool place and never water it. From May you can bring your Canna back into the garden and enjoy its beauty.