Harvesting persimmons - when are the fruits ripe?

Harvesting persimmons - when are the fruits ripe?

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A lot of people have Eastern trees in their garden nowadays, but then mostly the common varieties such as apple, pear or cherry. If you buy a persimmon tree, you can harvest delicious persimmons in October.

Persimmons are not harvested until mid-October

Persimmons are easy to care for
In the meantime, however, peach and apricot trees can also be found more and more in gardens. But these varieties are demanding, not only in terms of the soil, but also in terms of care and temperatures. If you don't have a good hand in caring for such trees, you can't go wrong with a persimmon tree.

Persimmons are hardy
The persimmon fruit comes from East Asia and is slowly but surely finding its way into our gardens. This fruit has many advantages: it is robust, grows in almost every soil and requires little maintenance. A pruning is also uncomplicated. The harvested branches are cut back to approx. 50 cm in late autumn to winter. You don't have to do more with the persimmon tree. It is also winterproof and can easily withstand temperatures down to -15 degrees.

Persimmons resemble tomatoes
The structure of a persimmon tree can be compared to that of an apple tree. Persimmons bloom in late spring until early summer. The persimmon fruit looks a bit like a mixture of oranges and tomatoes. You can taste the taste of pear, peach and apricot. The persimmon is not harvested before mid-October.

Persimmons have to ripen
You can only enjoy the persimmon fruit like a kiwi fruit when it has matured a bit. Only in the course of time does it lose the bitter taste that is caused by the tannins it contains.


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