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Weed control - 4 control methods

Weed control - 4 control methods

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Weeds are also popularly known as wild herbs. There are some very stubborn varieties that make life difficult for a gardener. Only by fighting the weed can you get rid of it.

Dandelion is a very stubborn weed

control methods
Control the weeds properly - but please without chemicals! We have put together a few control methods for some wild herbs for you:

  1. Dandelions are best excavated with a dandelion cutter and the taproot. If residues remain, new plants form from them.
  2. Nettles are weeded by hand (put on gloves) or cut out with a spade. The same method is used for the field thistle, the field winch, the Spitz- and Breitwegerich and the Giersch.
  3. The field horsetail is cut directly under the surface of the earth with a sharp knife.
  4. The couch grass is stuck out with a pointed object, it should be dug out very deep.

Keep weeds at bay
Many gardeners, especially those who own a farm garden, do not remove weeds. This is not a problem in this case, but you should keep it at bay because it can make other plants contested. Acker winds and Giersch are particularly insidious, which are difficult to fight and which can form roots several meters long.


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