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Fertilize citrus plants - you need a lot of iron and calcium

Fertilize citrus plants - you need a lot of iron and calcium

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You should fertilize your citrus plants regularly to avoid a lack of nutrients. You need a lot of iron and calcium.

You have to fertilize citrus plants

Citrus plants need fertilizer
Perhaps you are also one of the gardeners who want to largely do without fertilizers. If this is the case, then you should also purchase easy-care plants, because many need a sufficient portion of nutrients, which unfortunately cannot be obtained by simply adding water. This also includes the citrus plants.

Citrus plants are not easy to care for
Citrus plants enrich every conservatory, are pretty to look at and delight every gardener with their tasty fruits such as lime, lemon or orange. But they are not exactly easy to care for - you need sufficient fertilizer. Ideally, they are stored at temperatures below 15 degrees. The warmer they are, the more nutrients they need. You should also water your citrus plants regularly.

Fertilize citrus plants
Citrus plants have a high need for calcium and iron. The calcium requirement is covered by the addition of calcareous water, but not the iron requirement. That is why the addition of fertilizers is essential. You can tell very quickly when the citrus plants lack nutrients. The evergreen plants quickly get yellow leaves, which they then throw off. You should act now at the latest.