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Multiply rhododendron - this is how it's done

Multiply rhododendron - this is how it's done

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You can find a wonderful rhododendron in almost every garden. If you don't want to buy a new plant, you can also multiply your rhododendron.

They can easily propagate rhododendrons

Rhododendron has fragrant flowers
These plants, which can reach several meters high, fascinate in spring with their wonderful flowers from white to red. If you want to have them in the garden, you can either buy them or simply multiply them yourself. This is not so hard.

Propagate rhododendron

  1. To cut an offshoot, take a shoot of a rhododendron bush and cut a slanted notch in the wood with a knife about 15 to 20 centimeters below the leaves. Make sure that you do not cut the shoot, it must remain on the plant. The notch must be open as roots form from it. That means that it is best to clamp a small piece of wood in it.
  2. Now dig the cut into the ground at least five centimeters and support the new plant with a stick.
  3. Sufficient roots have formed in the coming spring. Now the new plant is separated from the mother plant. You can do this with a shovel. Do not damage young roots.
  4. Now plant the offshoot in another place and water it vigorously. Remember that rhododendron prefers penumbra. Don't forget to fertilize!


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