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Winter hibiscus - How it is done

Winter hibiscus - How it is done

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Put your hibiscus in the heated winter garden

The hibiscus is a non-hardy plant and therefore cannot tolerate frost. Learn how to overwinter your hibiscus here.

Winter hibiscus
Of course there are also hibiscus varieties that are hardy. However, these are rather rare, because the hibiscus doesn't really like frost. The hibiscus likes it best at 15 degrees. A heated conservatory is best for wintering. So the hibiscus can get a lot of sun even in winter.

Annual pruning
The hibiscus needs an annual pruning so that it also blooms abundantly. You can cut back from February to August. However, it is advantageous if you do the pruning only in spring, so that the bloom is as you imagine it.

keep soil moistured
The hibiscus may go outside from May when the danger of night frosts is over. There should also be constant temperatures of over 10 degrees Celsius during the day. The best place for the hibiscus is a place in partial shade. But he also likes sunny locations very much. You should make sure that the soil is always evenly moist. However, you must not keep the earth too wet. If you follow these rules, your hibiscus will feel completely comfortable.